Winter fruits: Orange

When the winter arrives, it’s normal for us to neglect a little bit in what we eat and always crave for those foods that are a little bit more caloric. But let’s not use the winter as an excuse to trough away our health and our diet! There are many fruits that are typical of this time of the year, delicious and that are really good for our body. The orange is one of these fruits.

A food of these time of the year that is rich in vitamin C, reinforces our organisms defenses and helps to protect us from colds and flues. The orange also controls our sanguine pressure and helps to fight the bad cholesterol.

The orange during the winter gets really sweet and it’s great to eat just the fruit, but who resists an orange juice? Besides being really great for our skin, oranges also make our digestive problems better and stimulates our bowel to work better.

We just saw that there are no apologies to escape from our diets during the winter, right? We have a huge amount of fruits that match this period of the year, so take a look at the fruits that we have to offer you!

Posted by / 21 June, 2017
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