Winter fruits: Avocado

Many times, during the winter, we need to take a few fruits out of our menus. Yes, that’s very sad, but a really good new is that the avocado isn’t one of these fruits! So, today we are going to tell you a little bit more about this delicious and very healthy fruit.

The avocado is originated from Mexico and other parts of Central America. Now a days, Brazil is one of the main producers of this fruit. Rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, fibers, antioxidants and zinc and it still has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps with the cardiovascular health and controls high cholesterol, because it contains a high quantity of omega 3. This big amount of vitamins and antioxidants also make our immune steam stronger.

Because it’s rich in energies, the avocado is a great option for your before training snack, cause it will definitely improve your productivity. The huge amount of vitamin C  that we find in this fruit, helps to fight stretch marks, cellulite and wrinkles and it also moisturizes, not only the skin, but also your hair!

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