What is fructose?

We’ve all already heard about fructose, but do we really know what this name tell us about?

Well, who sad that fructose is a kind of sugar that is present in fruits congrats! We also can find this kind of sugar in another foods, like corn and honey. This monosaccharide, is part of the simple carbohydrate group and is responsible for providing us with energy. Because, it is a carbohydrate like any other fructose is fattening yes and should not be consumed in excess, but being natural is not considered villainous as other carbohydrathe.

Fructose is produced by the plants during the photosynthesis and is the font of energy for these plants, just as if for us. Because of fructose, we don’t have to put sugar in most of the fruits, they are responsible too to make than sweet and tasty for us.

Fructose is healthy, but like all another foods, it should not be consumed in excess. You have to consult an nutritionist to know how to insert into your diet. Stay tuned on our blog, for news and curiosities.

Posted by / 29 August, 2017
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