Water with fruits and it’s benefits

Have you ever drank water with fruit in it? Did you find it strange? You should know that that’s a great way to get all the nutrients and benefits of the fruit to the water and it also makes the water stay with a nice flavor of the fruit that was in it. The most important is that is not difficult to make!


You don’t need to slice erbs, but vegetables must be chopped and the skin must be removed. You can use citric fruits in two ways, the first you can use only the skin and the second you can use the fruit in slices without peeling. With the first way, you’ll get a more citric taste and the second way the flavor is a little bit lighter. When the fruit has a thicker skin, just the middle of it is used.


It’s easy to make, but it may take a while for it to be ready. If you are going to use alcohol, the jar where the liquid is going to be, must stay in a dark place. Put the fruits in the recipient, close it and shake it really well, in the end you should filter the liquid and keep it in room temperature.


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Posted by / 3 April, 2017
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