To begin the summer with the right foot: Capirinhas

Caipirinha is an originally Brazilian drink, your traditional version is lemon, cachaça, sugar and ice. One of the capirinha’s histories is that in the interior of São Paulo, in 1918, an recipe was created from a syrup for flu. The syrup was made with lemon, garlic, honey and sometimes a little bit of cachaça, because in the old days people add alcohol in the medicines to accelerate their effects. So, in a beauty day, someone decided to get off the garlic and honey, to take the acidity of the lemon off.

So, we don’t know how true is that, but it is an great history to start an topic at the bar. Today we’ll give you an different type of recipe from caipirinha. Great to drink in a swimming pool or in a pub with friends.

What I need?

  • 1 cup (tea) mature mango
  • 1 cup (tea) crushed ice
  • 2 doses of vodka
  • 4 spoons (soup) of sugar

How I do?

  1. Wash the mangos;
  2. Then divide in two pieces and put each half into a glasses;
  3. Put the sugar and smash well with the help of one crusher;
  4. Then put the vodka and shake;
  5. Put ice, shake again and serve.

This recipe is from Ana Maria, it’s delicious and can be the dinner highlight between friends. Stay tuned on our blog, for more curiosities and recipes.

Posted by / 5 September, 2017
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