Three fruits that help your skin

During the summer everybody wants to say “hi” to the sun, to go to the beach and to walk at the park. But we forget that sometimes the sun greets us a little bit stronger than we are used to. Some fruits can help us solve that problem and help at our skins health.



The coconut is very important for many things. It’s a very moisturizing fruit, it helps hydrate your hole body and it can make you skin look younger and it also fights the free radicals.


Because it contains beta-carotene, this fruit can fight the injuries caused by the sun and, because it’s rich in vitamin C , it’s also great to revitalize the skin.



Grapes are great at fighting free radicals and it renews the skin, because it has flavonoids and antioxidant, it helps to keep the skin clean and new.

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Posted by / 3 April, 2017
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