Three foods to fight your hangover

At this time of the year, it’s really common that we drink a little bit too much and get a hangover, and it may ruin a day, or maybe even two, of our vacations. But it’s okay, everything has a solution, we are going to show you three foods that can help you fight your hangover



Garlic is consider a superfood by many people. It’s rich in many nutrients, like selenium, antibacterial,  anti inflammatory and more! One of it’s vitamins, the B6, helps at the fight of hangovers. It’s really difficult to find someone who’s willing to eat a pure garlic, so you can do a garlic tea or eat it with other foods.



This fruit is the most famous fruit of the world and it’s very important for athletes because it’s a great font of potassium. It’s also a big font of vitamin B6, that helps reduce the effects of hangovers. Much better than garlic, right?

Orange juice


Because it’s rich in vitamin C, orange juice is a really great fighter against hangovers. The vitamin helps the liver to break the alcohol molecules, and that help it leaves the body.

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Posted by / 3 April, 2017
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