The great artist of fruits

The month of may was a artistic month for Le Cultive and we couldn’t end the month without talking abou Giuseppe Arcimboldo, the great Italian artist of mannerism . That’s why we are going to close this month with a golden key and tell you all about this spectacular artist and his works of arts!

Arcimboldo was born in Milan, Italy. His birth date is not really known, but experts believe that he was born in 1527 and then, followed his fathers footsteps and started his carrier as an artist when he was 21 years old. During his hole life he was very famous, especially with the royals, but, after his death, his works were forgotten.

This artist belonged to the mannerism, a art movement that focused in the spiritual side of art. Arcimboldo used fruits, flowers, roots, vegetables and some other objects to create portraits of the royals. The nobleman loved his paintings and his creativity – at the time this were extremely creative and bold works of art. Take a few steps back and they will look like normal paintings, but as you get closer you can see that they are all objects!

Another really interesting aspect of his works of art, is that he choose his materials based on the season of the year that he did it. Like his painting “The summer” is carefully putted together by fruits of the season.

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