The benefits of melon skin

Everybody knows that fruits are rich in nutrients and vitamins, but why do we forget about the skin? Usually, the skin have more nutrients that are good for our body than the actual fruit. That’s why we decided to tell you all the benefits that the skin has to offer us. Today we are going to talk about the melon skin.

The pulp of this fruit is rich in calcium, iron, phosphate and vitamins C and A. But it’s skin has a much bigger amount of the same nutrients plus some other ones like fibers and potassium. The melon still has it’s seeds that are also really good for our health and this part of the fruit wins when we are talking about proteins, lipids and carotenoids.

The juice made with the skin has the exact same taste of the one made only with the pulp, but has an incredible amount of nutrients. And it’s really easy to make, when you are going to eat the fruit, instead of throwing away the skin, wash it and put it in the fridge. To make the juice, get the skin and  put it in the mixer with water, mint leaves and as much sugar as you like. It’s super easy to make, it’s really healthy and delicious. Try it!

O suco feito com a casca tem o gosto idêntico ao que é feito com a polpa da fruta, mas apresenta uma quantidade superior de benefícios para nossa saúde. E para fazer é muito simples, quando for comer o melão, ao invés de jogar a casca no lixo, lave-a e coloque na geladeira. Quando sentir vontade de tomar o suco, pegue as cascas e bata no liquidificador junto com três medidas de água, dez folhas de hortelã e açúcar a gosto. É super fácil de fazer, muito saudável e fica delicioso. Experimente!

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Posted by / 29 June, 2017
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