The benefits of mango skin

Most people have the terrible habit of peeling the fruit and throwing away it’s skin. That’s a huge mistake because usually the skin has more nutrients than the pulp. Today we will begin a series of texts in which we will show you all the benefits that you can find in the fruit’s skin. Let’s begin with the mango, a really healthy and delicious fruit.

This fruit’s skin is not very yummy, but when you realize how much good it does to your body, you will think twice before throwing it away. We can find many different nutrients and vitamins that are essential for our bodies health. Like vitamin A, that helps our immune system.

Some Australians scientists said that the mango skin has some properties that can help us loose weight and antioxidants that help reduce  the high cholesterol and also the risk of getting cancer. Besides all that this skin also has a really high quantity of fibers. These fibers give our digestive system a help and also make our bowel movements more comfortable and regular.

Open the fruit the same way you usually do, but this time don’t peel it, eat it with the skin! Maybe the first and the second time you won’t like it a lot, but in the future your body will be grateful. Remember to wash the fruit really well before eating it.

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Posted by / 26 June, 2017
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