Take care of your skin: watermelon

This is another post from our series “take care of your skin”! Today we are going to learn how to keep your skin soft and protect using the watermelon! Take a look!

Watermelons are rich in beta-carotene , vitamin A a lycopene. It’s a fruit that’s 93% water and that helps moisturize our skin! When you eat it there are many benefits for our health, like it prevents kidney problems and it acts like a sun screen.

When used like a skin mask it fights age signs and it stimulates our skin to produce more melanin, and that protects our skin from UV lights.

After reading all this benefits, I bet that you want to do this mask! So let’s get started! For this recipe, we added two other ingredients to make it even better, honey and carrots.

Let’s do it! First you need a carrot, a watermelon slice and a spoon of honey. After preparing everything, you need to grate the carrot. Than, you need to put the watermelon, without skin, in the blender, after that you can mix all the ingredients together. Apply the mask at your skin and stay with it for 20 minutes, than wash it with cold water. To achieve better results and repeat the process every week.

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Posted by / 7 April, 2017
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