Take care of you skin: melon

This is another post from our series “take care of your skin”! Today we are going to learn how to clean your skin using a melon facial mask!

Melons are rich in nutrients and vitamins. This fruit is really good for our health, for an example it helps to prevent heart diseases, reduces cancer risk and it even improves our immune system! It’s great to eat melons before and after practice, because it has quick digestion carbs and it also helps to hydrate our body.

The melon facial mask cleans our skin and it activates our bloodstream. The recipe is really easy and fast, but there are a few things you need to take care after you apply it. You must avoid sun exposure  for at least 48 hours, because the skin gets delicate after you apply the mask, and you also need to use a good sunscreen after!

To make this mask you are going to need a slice of melon and a spoon of honey. Yes that’s it! You need to squash the melon, mix it with the honey and then apply it to your skin. Let it in for at least 15 minutes. After that you just need to wash it off!

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Posted by / 7 April, 2017
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