Take care of you skin: mangoes

Here we are going to tell you not only what happens when you eat mangoes, but also what happens when you use it! Use it? Yes, like a face mask! Yes, it’s possible, and we are going to teach you how!

When you eat it, the mango helps with constipation, makes you immune system stronger, improves your skin health and helps to control your arterial pressure. Rich in vitamins A, B and C, fiber, enzymes and antioxidants this fruit has little carbs. It’s a super sweet fruit, that may help you not to eat candies during a diet.

The face mask made out of mangoes helps to fight expression lines, because it has an antioxidant function. It also regenerates the skin and cleans it from toxin and that helps to prevent acne and spots.

To make the mask you will need 200 grams of Le Cultive mangoes and 200 ml of natural yogurt. Mix the two ingredients together in the blender and than put the cream in a small recipient. When everything is ready, wash your face and apply the mask. After remove it from you face with cold water and than put on some sun screen. To achieve better results, you can do this routine once a week!

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Posted by / 6 April, 2017
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