The brain and the fruits

Most of the fruits has collections of nutrients and benefits, all of them helps in some body function and they doesn’t make any harm, but its absence can cause negative effects for your health. To reestablish the healthy balance of our body. For this, we have some fruits and vegetables that have some benefits for our body and brain.



Banana is rich in glucose and potassium, the first helps to improve concentration and reasoning, the second one is used a lot against cramp and muscular lesions.



Orange is famous by its richness in vitamin C and It is known to be a strong combatant against flu. What most people don’t know is that beyond the combat against viruses, It also helps neurons, improving the memory.



Onion has a substance called fisetin that initiates a benefit in a long term, It helps to facilitate the connection between neurons and also makes the memory storage easily in our brain.


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Posted by / December 9, 2016
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