New trend: watermelon bread

Are you tired of going to the bakery and always seeing the same type of bread? Well, a Jimmy’s Bakery, in Taiwan, felt the same way as you did and decided to create a bread shaped as a watermelon! The news spread and it became a local trend. Some people said that they had to stay in line for two hours to buy the bread.


The bread doesn’t tastes like watermelon, and it doesn’t have the fruit in it’s recipe, but it looks like it. The green part is the fruit’s skin, inside it’s all red just like the fruit and the seeds are raisins. It is amazing to see, but does it tastes as good as it looks?

What are your thoughts about this different bread? We found it really cool, but we are not that sure about the taste. Have you tried it? Let us know!

Posted by / 3 August, 2017
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