Myths about fruits: mango with milk does it harm?

Everyone has already heard that history, that we can’t eat mango and drink milk at the same time because you get sick. But this myth, doesn’t pass of this. We’re here to end with this lie and explain to you were this history came from.

According to Anita Sachs Univesity of São Paulo’s nutricionist, sad that besides being not true, is the opposite of this. This combination does very well for our health, because they are two foods riches in nutrients.

Milk is an complete food with a lot of vitamins and mango is rich in fibers and enzymes that facilitate the digestion. Together they form a potency that help our digestion ans guarantee an huge dose of nutrients, vitamins and enzymes for our body.



Anita also sad, that history begins. It was at days of Colonial Brazil, when milk was an very rare and expensive food, and the masters of the plantantion did not want the this preciousness to be consumed by the slaves. And the mango, was abundant for the lower social classes. So they invendet this myth to keep the slaves away from the milk.

Anywat, the famous myth of mango with milk was denied! So, don’t worry you can enjoy these two delights together. Stay tunned on our blog, to more curiosities.

Posted by / 10 August, 2017
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