Make your own sculpture!

Following the idea of art + fruits and since our post last week was about sculptures, we decided to teach you guys some works of art you can do it yourself! Check out the first sculpture!

A watermelon barbecue may be the thing that’s missing from your party table! A simple and easy to make sculpture that’s going to leave everybody gagging for more! You can follow the step to step in the picture, but we are going to explain it better to you.

  1. First you need to make what goes on top of the barbecue. You can use whatever fruit you like. Melon, grape, strawberries and mango are great options because they are more consistent and have an amazing flavor!
  2. Than, chop the watermelon in half and take all the fruit out, leaving just the skin.
  3. After that, use big toothpicks to create the grill.
  4. Use celery to make the little legs of the barbecue.

Now you found what was missing to make your party even better! Make it at home, take a picture, use the #fruitandart a share it with us! We are going to love it!

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