Lucky foods for new year’s eve.

Everyone has their way to celebrate the new year and also their way to have more luck, health, love and money. Some believe that certain foods can make it easier for this things to happen.

ano-novo-le-cultiveApple is one of them. If you take a bite of this fruit right at midnight, you’ll have success. People also believe that this can make your crush fall in love with you.


A fruit salad is also a good option for new year’s eve. It symbolizes that the year is going to be good. You need it to have seven different kinds of fruit.


Because they have long durability, dried fruits and nuts are supposed to bring good fortune and abundance .


In many cultures, grapes are the best fruit to eat at this special day. Most people eat 12 grapes (each one represents the months of the year), if the fruit is sweet, it’s going to be a good month, if the fruit is sour, it’s going to be a bad month.



Have a great year!

Posted by / 3 April, 2017
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