The most important fruits for kids

Everybody knows how important fruits are for our life and it’s benefits, but when we are kids, fruits have even a bigger importance. Fruits have the bigger part of  nutrients that they need to grow up properly.
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Most of the fruits are sweet and tasty, it’s probably going to be easy to make your children eat it, making the entry of some nutrients easier, like water, fibers, vitamins, carbs, fats and proteins, all of that with few calories.


A way to make it easier for your kids to eat fruit, is to be creative and make shapes so they get interested. Remember that children can eat fruits after they are one year old . You can’t forget to wash the fruit before giving it to the kids, you can leave it soaking for about 15 minutes!


Now, lets talk about what really matters. What are the better fruits for kid to eat? Remember that all of them must be consumed in natura so they can get all the important nutrients.

The most recommended fruits are:

  • Orange

It makes the defense of the organism stronger. Rich in fibers an vitamin C, it helps the body to absorb iron and to fight anemia.

  • Papaya

It has papain, that makes it easier for wounds to heal and it’s a great laxative.

  • Watermelon

Because it’s full of water, it’s a good natural moisturizer , especially for kids.

  • Apple 

It’s rich in fibers and that makes the bowel work better.

  • Banana

Rich in vitamins and potassium, it avoids cramps.

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Posted by / 3 April, 2017
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