Goji Berries and it’s advantages

Gobi Berry is an Asian fruit that is cultivated for more than 6000 years. It’s similar to raisins, but it has a red color. It’s a font of energy and a antioxidant, but there are many other benefits to this little fruit like it’s rich in vitamin B, iron, potassium, polysaccharides that makes blood glucose lower and tryptophan that helps the nervous system.


It also has serotonin and that makes people stay in good mood, rested and it evens helps make people sleep better. This hormone also helps fight depression.


Because of these reasons, the Goji Berry is called in oriental countries “the fruit of longevity”. It’s important to remember that to get the most of this fruit, you need to eat 15 to 45 grams. The Goji Berry can be mixed with other fruits and foods like yogurt.

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Posted by / 3 April, 2017
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