Dreaming with fruits: Mango

Did you ever had a weird dream and wondered what it meant? Well, today we begin a series of texts that will explain some of the possible meanings of your dreams, all related with fruit of course. Let’s begin with mangoes.

The way you see the fruit in your dream, may change the meaning it caries. For an example, if you dream we the ripe fruit it has one meaning and if you dream with the tree, it has another. We will explain only a few of the many interpretations that a mango may have in you dream.

Overall, dreaming with mangoes has a positive meaning. If during your dream, you saw yourself harvesting mangoes, it’s a sign of joy in your family and if you dream that you are selling or buying the fruit, it is a omen of prosperity. If you are eating it, get ready, because a friend from your childhood is going to visit you.

Do you have a relative that is trying to get pregnant? Then, tell her that you dreamed you a mango tree, because it is a sign that a birth in the family is going to happen.

It’s always good to remember that this are only interpretations. It doesn’t mean that is actually going to happen or that these reading are the absolute truth. Check our blog out for more news about fruits!

Posted by / 25 July, 2017
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