Dreaming about fruits: Melons

Dreams are really interesting and amazing. But do they mean something? We started a series and we are going to tell you about the possible meanings that dreaming with fruits may have. Today, we are going to talk about melons.

Dreams have many interpretations and when we are talking about fruits the possibilities are even bigger. The way you see the fruit in your dream, may change the meaning it caries.

Usually who dreams about melons, is  a person who is feeling  emotionally pressure and overwhelmed. If you have recently with this fruit, and you are really felling this way, you may see thing that are bothering you. Talk with people, and try to get the weight of your back off, that feeling of pressure is horrible, and can make you a lot of harm.

When you dream that you are eating an melon, brace yourself, this could be an signal, that a really big change is yet to come. And, if you are a person who likes changes or not, hold them. They do very well for our psychological and your health.

It is always good to remember, these are only interpretations. It doesn’t means that everything is really about to happen, or these readings are absolute truths. Say turn on our blog, yo see the continuation of these serie!

Posted by / 8 August, 2017
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