Check out what we did for Mother’s Day

In May, we invented a campaign for the Mother’s Day. We wanted people to help heir mothers, so we created Help a Mom, a page that we gave people tips of how they could do something for moms!

We decided to do this because we noticed that most of mother’s day campaigns are almost the same and they treat motherhood as a simple, 100% beautiful and easy thing to do. We know that it doesn’t work always like that, and that’s why we crated a different campaign to show that being a mother is not just the loving and caring part. We wanted to show that yes, being a mom is hard and not that pretty!

Let us explain what happened: we invited everybody to help a mother. It could be any mom, you mom, your friends mom, the mother of you children, your moms mom, really, ANY MOM! We gave people a few options like, wash the dishes, clean up the house, take the dog for a walk or do the lunch, but we also asked people to use their creativity! Some people did what we suggested, but a few others innovated!

When we did this, we were hopping that we could motivate people to give their mom a hand and that maybe this became a habit! What are your thoughts about it? Tell us!


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