Another utilities about lemons

The lemon is a fruit very taste fruit that can be used for juices, spices and even candies. But what are the another utilities of lemon?  We found some ways to use lemon for everyday tasks for our day. Check it!

  1.  You can use lemon for soften your cuticles before pushing them. Squeeze a lemon, into a pot and let you cuticles soak for 2 minutes. Wash your hands thoroughly and the begin to push.
  2.  After that lunch with seafood, use the remaining bagasse of the lemon to take the strong fish smell from the cutlery and the pot. All you have to do is rub.
  3. If you wake up in the morning with a strong breath, gargle with a half lemon along with a glass of warm water. The bad smell of your breath will disappear.
  4. To clean silverware, rub cigarette  ashes  mixed with lemon juice. The glow will be unbelievable.
  5. If you have a very  oily hair, massage you hair chorus with lemon juice before washing with shampoo. Will help a lot.

These are some of many functions of this delicious fruit. If you know any more tips, tell us! Stay tuned on our blog for more curiosities and news!

Posted by / 22 August, 2017
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