5 reasons to take coconut water to the gym

Many people like to take water and isotonic waters to the gym, and that’s extremely important, we lose lots of liquids and nutrients during our exercises, but sometimes we don’t get properly hydrated. Some industrilized isotonic waters don’t present effects as good as the natural ones like coconut water, because the fruit has many other benefits beyond hydrating. Take a look at five other benefits:

1) It’s a great moisturizing:


The coconut water is a great moisturizer because it’s rich in minerals, like electrolytes and potassium, that helps at the rehydratation of the hole body during and after the excercise.

2) Prevents cramps and helps at your performance


Also because of it’s minerals, the coconut water prevents cramps and helps at phisical performance.

3) Helps at skin health a appearance:


Because it’s a great moisturizer it makes the skin healthier and prettier


4) Makes you feel satisfied

If your ideia is to get thinner, the coconut water can really help, It makes you feel full and it helps to control your calories.

5) Fights high pressurepressao-alta

The potassium is very important here, it helps in kidney function, so it makes sodium elimination easier and blood pressure lower.

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Posted by / 30 March, 2017
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