5 fun facts about melon.

We all know that melon is a very healthy fruit, and does very well for our body. But exists a lot of things that we don’t know about this delicious fruit. Check 5 curiosities that we have almost certain that you don’t know about melon.

  1. Melon was mentioned on the Bible “5 We remember the fishes that on Egypt we had eat for free, the  cucumbers, the melons, the leek, the onions and the garlic.” (Numbers 11,4-6) Almeida’s Bible;
  2. The melons appears on Egyptians paintings 2500 B.C;
  3. It is believe that Middle East was the cradle of the fruit;
  4. The firsts seed arrived at Americas with Christopher Columbus, around XV ceuntry;
  5.  A large scale cultivation on Brazil, was adopted only in 1950.

These was some of the curiosities about melons, that we found to tell you. Stay tuned on our blog because we’ll bring more curiosities and news.

Posted by / 17 August, 2017
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