5 curiosities about lemon

Lemon is an antioxidant fruit, and gets so well for our health. Well, this everybody already knows. Today we’ll show you somethings that you probably didn’t know about lemon. Check!

  1. Italy is the greatest producer of lemon in the world;
  2. The lemon lime, was the first citric produced on Europe;
  3. The biggest lemon in the word was weighed about 2.8 kg;
  4. Colombus was the pioneer in a lot of things, including bring lemon to America;
  5. Lemon was spread troughout the world mainly by the Arabs.

This was the five curiosities that we found about lemons, and we guess that you gonna like it. So, did you know moe something interesting about this fruit? Tell us. And stay tuned on our blog, for more curiosities.

Posted by / 24 August, 2017
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